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    Death Note

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    From the TV series to the live-action movie, Death Note has made its mark in the world of anime. This new sudden surge in the anime has brought in a horde of new fan boys, all wanting to show off their new found love. Well, if that is the case then you have come to right place. The Kill Ping Online Store has tons of gaming and anime related goodies. However, as impressive as that is, we also boast of the largest collections of Death Note Merchandise.

    From the mesmerizing Death Note Action Figures to the iconic Death Note Anime Clothing, we you got you covered from all sides. No matter which Death Note merchandise tickles your fancy, we would have it available in our online store. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, there are high chances that product will be carrying an exceptional discount.

    So, if you are wondering where to buy anime merchandise which take heavily influence from Death Note, the Kill Ping Online Store is the place to be. Furthermore, with more and more goodies and merchandise being made for the franchise and its rising trend, we will be constantly updating our collection, bringing you the very latest of the Death Note merchandise.

    The most recent addition into our family of Death Note Merchandise is the all-new collection of Death Note Hoodies. These new hoodies features designs you could only imagine previously. They are absolutely amazing to look at, so just imagine what it will do to your swag level.

    This might seem like we are bragging but with a Death Note Merchandise collection this insane and incredible, we think we deserve the right. Don’t believe us? Well, then we are gonna stop here. It’s time for you check out the collection and see for yourself.